Timesheets - Late, Corrections, Web Time

A paper timesheet should not be considered as a "back up" plan for not efficiently completing the process of Web Time Entry including entering employee hours under the appropriate earnings code through to the review and approval by the approver and/or superuser.  Paper timesheets received for the current pay period will not be processed until the next pay period.  A paper timesheet should be completed to record missed (unpaid) hours for hourly workers or unrecorded exception time such as late vacation hours.


Employee or Departmental Unit identifies lost time, overtime, or hourly time that has not been recorded and/or paid.

  1. Enter Banner ID, Position Number, Suffix, Calendar Year, Circle Pay ID, Pay Number, Employee Name, E-Class,  Time Sheet Org, and Department.

  2. If hourly employee: Circle LCW for College Work Study or LRH for Student Assistant, Technician or Instructional Assistant. Record hours worked each day in this column.

  3. Under Earnings Code columns: Record the date for each day of the week in the applicable service period and record appropriate hours.

  4. Total all hours to be paid.

  5. Verity Time/Labor Distribution Index.

  6. Employee should sign timesheet.

  7. Supervisor must sign timesheet.

  8. Timesheets are submitted to the Payroll Office by 12 noon on Tuesday of the week after the last payday for processing on the next paydate.