Direct Deposit

How to Set Up or Update Direct Deposits

  1. Log on to Academica (                                                                          
  2. Under 'Resources', click 'Employee Resources'
  3. Click 'Employee Self-Service'
  4. Click 'Direct Deposit'
  5. You may need to complete Duo Two-Factor Authentication
  6. Click 'Update Direct Deposit'
  7. Click 'Direct Deposit'
  8. In "Proposed Pay Distribution" section (second grey bar), click '+Add New'
  9. In "Student and Accounts Payable Direct Deposit" section (third grey bar), click '+Add New' 
  10. Insert your bank institution information. Click box: "By checking this box, I authorize Wayne State to initiate deposit to this bank account on my behalf."
  11. Click 'Save New Deposit'

Note: Three accounts is the maximum allocations one is allowed to have.

Cancelling Your Direct Deposit

To cancel your direct deposit and/or to delete a financial institution, please call Payroll at 1-313-577-2138

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions - U.S. Direct Deposit