Administrative Resources


The Payroll Office's mission is to pay employees and fellowship stipend recipients accurately and timely. Due to extenuating circumstances such as delay in processing paperwork, clerical, systematic or procedural errors, employees are overpaid.  If an overpayment occurs and is recognized by the employee or the department, immediately contact the Payroll Office to make arrangements for reimbursement.


  • When terminating employees, process an Electronic Personnel Action Form (EPAF) in accordance to established procedures.
  • Submit a Last Day of Work (LDW) Form to the Payroll Office.  The Payroll Office will use this form to verify the employee is paid up to and including this date.
  • If the employee is entitled to a vacation or illness bank payout, please authorize this payout by checking the appropriate box in the body of the EPAF transaction (if applicable).  This box will only be displayed when the payout requires departmental authorization.  For example:  Non-represented staff are required to give two week's notice to be eligible for vacation bank payouts.  By checking the vacation payout box on the EPAF Termination, the department is confirming the employee complied with the requirement and is eligible.

Manual Check Request

For a new employee who was not paid on pay day due to not having an active assignment in Banner at the time of Payroll Processing, please complete the Manual Check Request for New Employee form.

For non-exempt (hourly) employees, please complete a late paper timesheet and attach it to the Manual Check Request for New Employee form;  for non-exempt (salaried) employees simply complete the Manual Check Request for New Employee form, and forward to Payroll for processing no later than 4pm on Monday of payroll processing week (week before pay day).  Requests received after 4pm Monday of processing week will not be issued as a manual check, rather will be included as back pay on the regularly scheduled pay day.